Wednesday, 27 July 2011

10 things I've learnt in the 8 weeks since becoming a puppy owner

Hello and welcome to CluelessPuppy's 1st blog.

Never having had a dog before, I was in for a real treat!!!  I had heard that Portuguese Water Dogs were warm, loving and easy to train.  Hmmm, I should have listened to the warnings of my friends.  It wasn't so much the the tone in which they said seemingly innocent statements:

Me: "I'm geting an 8 week old puppy"
1st Friend: "'re getting a puppy puppy"
Me: "Huh?"

Me: "I'm getting an 8 week old puppy"
2nd Friend: "Oh...why not get a 9 month old instead?"
Me: "Huh?"

I should have listened.

Well, it's been 8 weeks now and these are the 10 things I've learned since becoming a puppy owner:

1. Apparently, it's OK to bite the hand that feeds you (repeatedly).
2. The size of the dog is not proportional to the size of the poop.
3. Puppies are never finished pooping when you think they are.
4. A 4 month old puppy can go through 4 leashes in 8 weeks.
5. A puppy will follow you around for about 40 minutes till feeding time.
6. Puppies are smarter than most MENSA members.
7. It takes 3 family members to tire out 1 puppy.
8. Puppies are fearless...especially when it comes to adult German Shepards, Pitbulls, and Berneses
9. Puppies are cute on keeps them alive.
10. Pecking order in my home..Husband/14 year old son/4 month old puppy/ME!!

Still, I love the little guy!!  He makes me feel...Oops, gotta go...someone wants out NOW!!!

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  1. So looking forward to reading about your PWD. Our departed Teddy Bear is always on my mind, six years after his thing caught my eye when you said no dogs on the furniture is one of my my most treasured memories is sitting beside my dog and chilling together. I say benefits of dogs on furniture outweigh extra cleaning or covering or replacing of furniture. Also they are excellent co-pilots!