Sunday, 16 October 2011

Who Shot the Dog?

Those of you who have been following my posts for the last 12 weeks, know what a high-energy puppy I have.  Superman has nothing on this pup.

Superman: Faster than a speeding bullet.
Pup: So fast that pillows get humped, towels get mauled, and toilet paper gets ripped in the time it takes for me to take a second sip of my coffee.. What was once a clean house, now looks like a tornado hit it in a nano second.

Superman: More powerful than a locomotive.
Pup: So powerful that when his leash is firmly clenched in his jaws, there is not a single thing I can do to pry his jaws open.  He's so powerful, that when I take his 41 lb body for a walk, he can pull me down the street and I can't stop him.

Superman: Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.
Pup:  Pup can jump from couch to couch...he can jump up in the air and find that slipper on top of the dryer.  He can leap straight up in the air, grab his leash hanging from a nail, and gallop off into the horizon.  And of course, pup can run down the stairs and fly across the room, skipping the last three steps.

Look up in the sky!  It's a bird, it's a's Superpup!!!

That is...until he falls asleep!!

When pup is in a deep, deep sleep, he lies there, on his side, with his legs stretched out in front of him.  He looks like the letter "E".  In fact, I've been told that eye doctors have used pup as an inspiration for their Eye-Charts!!

When pup is in his crate, he really lets loose.  He loves his crate because he can squish up against it, all the while putting his paws through the bars.  He lies on his arm out by his side, the other thrown over his chest.  (I swear he must have been a T-Rex in his previous life).  While in this pose, he takes his right leg and rests it half-way up the bars..his left is slightly higher and his resting comfortably through the bars.  He looks like he's in a bad western..."I'm shot...tell ma hunny I'm a gonna miss her"...he lies there for hours..all the while dreaming of his next foray using his Superpup powers!!!!

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