Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Social Butterfly

My pup has lots of friends.  Lots and lots of friends!!!  Everywhere we go..a new friend pops up!

Sadly, however, it wasn't always this way.  In the beginning, when our 7 month old pup, was only 2, 3, or 4 months old..he didn't have any friends.  It wasn't from lack of dogs in our neighbourhood, oh no, not at all.  It was because our pup hadn't been fully socialized yet.  He didn't quite understand "canine" language.  Other tiny pups understood him.  When he jumped up and nipped at their ears, they let him.  Occasionally, they would bite back and a full out Sharks/Jets rumble would break out.  They would fight till the other owners and I would have to pull them apart.

But, when my little pup would come across an adult dog, well then the rules would be completely different.  Adult dogs would have no time for him.  They'd turn their back on him, or just growl, saying "Back off pup..can't you see I don't want to play with the likes of you?!"  Of course, being a young pup, and therefore, completely clueless, my pup just wouldn't take the hint.  He'd jump at and yap at the adult dogs..ignore the fact that they were ignoring him, he'd nip at their ears...just long enough for the adults dog, with lightning speed, would pin him down until the yelping started.  The other owners would apologize to me and try to get their 70 lb dogs off my 11lb puppy.  As soon as the dog was off, my pup would start up again until once again he'd be pinned down.  Actually, I didn't mind it one bit.  I figured the best teacher to teach my pup the ways of the canine world, is another dog.  And so it went....

Now my pup is 7 1/2 months old.  I gotta tell you, he learns fast.  Now, he has so many friends...pups his age, and dogs 10 years older than him.  He plays really really well with everyone.  When we come to a soccer field, baseball diamond, or a dog park, he's out there playing with everyone.  He's got his regular friends that he sees every day, and he is constantly making new ones.  He loves and plays with all dogs...except...he doesn't really care for very young pups.  I occasionally find myself trying to pry him off a 2 month old that he has pinned down...he has no time for them.

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