Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Vet

Being first time puppy owners, we take our pup to the vet...A LOT!!

"Honey, do you think pup has a limp?"
"Honey, does his right eye look normal to you?"
"Honey, do you think we're feeding him (enough/not enough/the right food)?
"Honey, do you think he gets (too much/not enough) exercise?"
"Honey, do you think he's gaining enough weight?"

The list goes on and on.  I've got the Vet on my speed dial.  They roll out a red carpet when they see us coming. I'm pretty sure that in the 5 months since becoming puppy owners, we've sent 2 out of the 4 vets to Hawaii, and the other 2 have had major renovations done in their homes.

The funny thing is that I don't even like doctors.  But pup does...A LOT!!  Pup looks forward to these trips.  From the moment we walk through the glass doors, to the moment we leave, our pup gets treats....lots and lots of treats.  The Vets tell us that it's better for the dogs so that they have less anxiety.  I think that giving a pup treats for 1 solid hour has proven Pavlov's theory tenfold.  Hubby and I just have to spell V.E.T. and pup begins to salivate.

Vet is walking distance from our house.  Whenever it's time for a walk, pup begins by wagging his tail and leading the way to the vet.  When we change direction and turn left instead of going straight, pup begins to pull and pull.  Pup can't believe that we're NOT going to the vet.  The further from the vet we go, the louder pup whimpers.  He's mad and sad and I can almost see the betrayal he feels just by looking into his eyes!!  He can't believe his loving masters aren't taking him to the vet...why it's only been 3 days since he was poked, prodded, and could his masters be so cruel???  A pup's gotta have treats...just gotta!!!

And so it goes, every walk the same...till we get to that point mid-month when, "honey, do you think we're feeding him enough for his weight?" kicks in, and off we walk towards those glass doors.

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